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Emulsion Sauces (Part 2 of 6)

When Auguste Escoffier reclassified Carême’s mother sauces, he replaced Allemande with egg-based emulsions and called them Hollandaise and Mayonnaise. In fact, this Mother Sauce encompasses all of the emulsified sauces such as Béarnaise, Russian salad dressing, and Aioli. An emulsion is a mixture of two unblendable substances. The emulsion sauces are mixtures of oil and water stabilized with egg yolk lecithin.

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The Five Mother Sauces (Part 1 of 6)

We see so many sauces with dishes served today — tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, Béarnaise sauce, marsala sauce, and vin blanc sauce to name just a few. Some may even seem quite similar. For example, both Alfredo sauce and Mornay sauce are made by mixing a roux with warm cream or milk. Do these sauces all link up somewhere along the line? Of course they do, and we call them the Mother Sauces.

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How To Achieve Perfect Grill Marks

Ever wonder how to achieve perfect cross hatched grill marks and still live within the cardinal rule of only turning meat once? Well, here’s how!

Imagine the grill is the face of a clock, with the back of the grill being 12 o’clock. Place the cold meat on the grill pointing to 10 o’clock. Let the meat sear, then rotate it, without flipping, to the 2 o’clock position. At this point, we’re done searing the meat on this side, and we’re just trying to achieve grill marks. With a 10 oz steak about 3/4″ thick, this would be about 2 minutes in each position.

Now we flip the meat to the other side, letting it sit facing 5 o’clock. After searing on this side, rotate it, without flipping, to the 7 o’clock position. Allow the meat to cook to your desired level of doneness. You now have perfect cross hatched grill marks, with ease!

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Elegant Junk Food

Nutella Ravioli

Deep fried chocolatey goodness…

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Nook Café

Hummus Plate (after)

Now that’s what I call hummus…

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